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Here Comes Uncle Joe (Broadcasting)

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Here Comes Uncle Joe

│ Description │
Documentary, Human Interest / 72' & 53' / HD

  • Directed by Wooyoung Choi & Sinae Ha
  • Produced by Sinae Ha, BODA MEDIA GROUP
  • Co-produced by ITVS (USA), NHK (JAPAN), SBS (KOREA)
  • Pre-sale: NRK (NORWAY), CHANNEL 8 (ISRAEL)
  • With support of the SJM Cultural Foundation, KOCCA, BCPF
  • Sales: First Hand Films (SWITZLAND)
  • Award: Best A.S.D Pitch (Asian Side of the Doc 2011),
  • The Best International Projects (Sunny Side of the Doc 2011), SJM Award (Jeonju Project Market, 2011)
  • Developed by Crossing Borders 2010, IDFA Summer School 2011

│ Synopsis │
He is not their uncle, and his name is not Joe. But to the old ladies of An-dong, a rural community in southeastern Korea, Uncle Joe is almost the only contact they have to the modern world. Uncle Joe's delivery service is extraordinary. He reaches 15 isolated villages that have neither markets nor public transport and he delivers to the clients' door – or even into their refrigerator – whatever they order. The film follows Uncle Joe’s delivery road from spring to winter, with smiles, sweat and tears between one delivery man and 800 elderly.

As the young leave these rural communities to acquire higher education and to find high salary jobs in the cities, there are no services or people to support old people. Uncle Joe becomes the only man for the old. He serves his clients with love and affection, he shares their thoughts and listens to their stories, and he makes sure that they eat properly.

However, the road taken isn’t always happy. Because of their advanced years Joe often encounters his customers/friends’ misery and death. Many have passed away from illness, and others, unable to bear the loneliness, commit suicide and die alone without any care. Uncle Joe's hope is to share his life with his old friends for a long time. Their strong social connections make them all happier and healthier and are an essential part of their emotional wellness. In this film, we see how Uncle Joe serves these communities with humor and attention, and how love and friendship are infused in life.

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